A few of my favorite things

It isn’t too difficult for me to find locations in Singapore/SouthEast Asia that I deem a favorite. That being said, I’ve picked a few highlight locations to share.

First up is this nicely lit area right outside of the Shoppes at Marina Bay. I usually end up here after a day/night of exploring with friends, because this area is right near the train station. On this particular night, my friend and I got some milk teas to rejuvenate ourselves after some thorough exploration, so I snapped this photo to save the memory.

This image was taken from just outside of the museum in the financial district. This is one of my favorite spots because you can usually find a nice bench to just sit on and relax. I’d recommend this spot to anyone looking to unwind and enjoy the views the city has to offer.

Another great spot is Merlion Park. I don’t have a picture available, but this spot is also incredible. It is a bit more touristy, and is crowded with people unless visited at an extreme hour. However, it is good to visit this spot to feel the energy of Singapore and experience the passion locals and tourists have for sharing the beauty of this city state.

One spot outside of Singapore is Moalboal in Cebu, Philippines. This location is very tropical, and can provide some adrenaline if you need a break from Singapore’s calm vibes.

Lastly, I would like to mention Fort Canning Park in Singapore. This is not a very well known location amongst the American expatriates I have been living with this summer, but that doesn’t mean this spot isn’t beautiful. I was blown away by the serenity of the park.

Thanks for reading my third blog post – talk soon!

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5 Responses

  1. kmscsiri says:

    Hi Ewinik! It is quite amazing that you’re interning in Singapore. Hanging out around Marina Bay should be exciting. Also, having places to relax while Singapore being a small country is interesting to hear. I’m quite sure you already went to Gardens by the Bay too!hope you enjoy your stay in Singapore!

  2. jtelesma says:

    Singapore truly looks like a fun city. If I ever visit Singapore, I think I would enjoy Fort Canning Park the most. Personally, I despise crowds and find quiet natural landscapes more relaxing. However, it seems there is not a lot of raw nature in Singapore which makes me a little hesitant about visiting. Also, the milk tea looks delicious! I wish they had teas like that one in Australia.

  3. tdoddapa says:

    It sounds like you’re having a lot of fun! I think it’s cool that you found Fort Canning Park because I definitely think that the best spots are often times the least well-known ones! It sounds like Singapore is a very scenic city with lots of things to do.

  4. Shuhan says:

    Sitting on the bench to enjoy the night views is the most relaxing thing to me. There is also a bay in Hong Kong with similar views to the museums you mentioned. Sometimes I can just sit there and do nothing for almost one hour. Fort Canning Park sounds like a good place to relax on weekends. Hope you can find more nice places and enjoy!

  5. clove1 says:

    Moalboal sounds like it can be a pretty interesting place. I don’t know much about Singapore, so I did not know that there were any tropical areas around it, which is pretty interesting. Also, Fort Canning Park sounds interesting, because it seems that it wouldn’t be as crowded as other parks. I feel like every big city needs a nice place far away from the crowds where people can just relax and unwind.