Final Reflection on 4.5 Months in Taipei

DSC_0662by: Sara Ho

I finally made it back to America on Sunday night after being in Taiwan for over 4 months! It definitely went by so fast.

I truly do not exaggerate when I say that studying abroad was one of the best choices I have ever made. I went in a little nervous about the language barrier and if I would be okay with city-living and being so far away from friends and family. Juggling school, exploring the city, all while having to constantly converse in a foreign language was certainly a scary situation to walk into. However, I found a great group of friends that helped make Taipei feel like home and my Mandarin improved immensely as I became more confident in speaking the language.

It’s only been 2 days since I have come home but I already miss it! Taipei is truly such a convenient and friendly city to live in. Food was quite literally everywhere and I loved the freedom of being able to travel to so many places via MRT and/or bus.

One aspect I admired was the plethora of small businesses in Taipei, which makes for never-ending food options! It’s really neat to see that many locals are satisfied, for example, owning a small noodle shop, although they may not be making as much as say, a manager of a large company. Even one of my professors has said his dream job would have been to open his own food stall selling curry rice, had he not decided to pursue his PhD.

As cheesy as it sounds, although the exchange is over, the memories and experiences I had in Taiwan will forever be remembered and I cannot wait to visit again!


A final farewell to Taiwan (taken at Taoyuan Airport on my last day)

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