Hiking Cinque Terre

We set off on a train at six in the morning to Cinque Terre to embark on one of the world’s most famous hikes. Some push themselves to the limits and hike all five towns in one day, anywhere between nine to eleven miles depending on the paths you chose, however we were planning on a more leisurely pace. We checked into our hotel in Riomaggiare, the first of five towns and put down our light luggage. We made a quick turnaround, grabbed something light to eat and grabbed the next train to the furthest town of Monterosso.

With a light rain and cloudy overcast, it was perfect weather for a hike. After months of pasta and gelato, it felt good to get a serious work out in. Over the course of the weekend we climbed up more steps than I could possibly count, saw views that pictures can’t even do justice, and experienced the five wonderful towns of Cinque Terre. One of the many great things about studying abroad in Rome is all of the wonderful places Italy has to visit on your weekends off.

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