Highlight of the Week

What to Do with Winter Break: Researching Your Future Employer

Nicola Daniel

On Friday, Dec. 8th, Nicola Daniel held a workshop in Tyser Auditorium to help students maximizing the use of their winter break for job research.

At the beginning, Nicola introduced the Self-marketing method with the 4-P’s, which are;

  • Product: You/Your Career. What are the features of your product? Who is the potential buyer/consumer? What are the benefits to the buyer/consumer?  (Will the product address the consumer’s needs?). By what marketing vehicle will the product get to the consumers.
  • Place: Target market/Characteristics & Companies
  • Price: Salary/Benefits
  • Promotion: Search activities/Documents

After a little discussion about the 4-P’s, Students were asked to do the SWOT (Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats) Grid about themselves and a couple of volunteers shared their results with the whole group. Students also did the “Think like an Employer” practice, which they first wrote down a job description of their dream jobs. Then wrote down what they can offer for this job, and finally, discover what are the GAPs, including skills, education, experience, knowledge, and characteristics needed.

Nicola described the visible job market and hidden job market as well. In fact, only 20% people found their jobs in visible job market, and the rest 80% people found their jobs in hidden job market. In order the access the Hidden job market. Nicola introduced the S&P industry research tool, which allows students to do a deeper research for certain industry. The S&P reports could be accessed through UMD’s online library. The path is below:

  • Lib.umd.edu
    • Database
      • Search for S&P
        • Industry Survey
        • Select your target industry
        • Download PDF

Thanks to all who came to attend our workshops this semester. Office of Career Services hopes to see you all during our events coming up next semester!