Industry News


The 50 employees at the Securities and Exchange Commission’s office of the chief accountant try to keep up with technology changes like bitcoin. (CFO)

Information Systems

Microsoft unveiled a new programming language and tools that help coders craft software for quantum computers, along with simulators that will let programmers test that software on a traditional desktop computer. (Industry Week)

Supply Chain Management

The larger-than-expected decline could put a dent in Q4 GDP growth unless inventories rebound in November and December. (CFO)

Marketing analytics

Uber’s concealment of the breach increased the cyber risk of drivers and customers, as well as the potential loss of trust from investors and governments. (CFO)


Alternative investment manager FS Investments is partnering with KKR to create a super-sized business development company with $18 billion in assets. (CFO)

Business & Management

Manufacturing will see employment growth of 1.2% in 2018, following a 2.3% gain reported for this year since December 2016. (Industry Week)

Business Analytics

Mercedes-Benz, conducting the biggest test using drones to ship everyday items like ground coffee and cellphones, said the mini aircraft completed 100 drop-offs to strategically placed vans in Zurich with a perfect safety record and more deliveries are planned for next year. (Industry Week)