Industry News


The SEC says PCAOB staffers leaked confidential materials to KPMG partners to boost the firm’s inspection results. (CFO)

Information Systems

Last week, Intel said all modern processors can be attacked by techniques dubbed Meltdown and Spectre, exposing crucial data, such as passwords and encryption keys. (Industry Week)

Supply Chain Management

Almost six in 10 large corporations are considering using blockchain to streamline supply chains. (Industry Week)

Marketing Analytics

The rapidly advancing area of artificial intelligence will require a new field of laws and new regulations governing a growing pool of businesses involved, according to Microsoft Corp., a 25-year participant in AI research. (Industry Week)


JPMorgan’s Q4 adjusted earnings beat analysts’ estimates and it expects the tax cuts will boost profits “in 2018 and beyond.” (CFO)

Business & Management

Huggies maker Kimberly-Clark is extending its cost-cutting efforts, including reducing its workforce by 12-13% over the next four years, as it seeks profitable growth amid weak sales in its key North American market. (CFO)

Business Analytics

Was former CEO Jeff Immelt wearing rose-colored glasses? Analysts are expressing disbelief that he and other members of the old management team didn’t know problems existed. (Industry Week)