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Industry News



India’s securities regulator sanctions PwC for failing to detect the $1.7 billion fraud at Satyam Computer Services. (CFO)

Information Systems

IBM has announced a joint venture with Danish shipping giant Maersk to use blockchain technology to cut through the red tape of global trade. (CFO)

Supply Chain Management

Manufacturers should work with vendors that are implementing blockchain into their processes to shorten lead times, save money and build more transparent supply chains. (Industry Week)

Marketing analytics

BP Plc plans to invest $500 million a year on low-carbon energy, which presents a growing challenge to its traditional oil business. (Industry Week)


Facebook reported a record sales quarter and an 11th straight quarterly revenue beat even though users spent about 50 million hours per day less on the social network. (CFO)

Business & Management

How Is Big Business Using the Trump Tax Cut? Apple is repatriating hundreds of billions of dollars, Lockheed Martin is earmarking cash for its pensioners, AT&T handed out thousand-dollar bonuses for employees, and more. (Industry Week)

Business Analytics

SpaceX plans to launch its Falcon Heavy this afternoon, and Elon Musk guarantees it will be exciting — either an exciting success or an exciting failure. (Industry Week)