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Happy New Year

January 8th, 2012 by under Smith Life. No Comments.

The New Year has brought a new lifestyle to the Petitt household. Drives up I-295 have been replaced by I-495 – a trade of traffic for traffic in Northern Virginia. This weekend brought my first taste of life as a part-time Smith MBA student.

After starting work immediately after the last day of Term B classes, I’ve started the final stretch to graduation with class this weekend in DC. I’m taking Understanding Organizational Change with Dr. Gebhardt – a perfectly top of mind class with my new challenge at Hilton. The course covers the frameworks of change at the individual, functional, organizational and industry-level and doesn’t focus on the usual cliche “change is hard”. I expect this to be extremely applicable for the months ahead at work.

Nine hour marathon classes isn’t ideal, but Dr. Gebhardt has done a great job thus far of keeping things moving. We all appreciate the energy and I appreciate getting one step closer to earning my MBA.