Advertising Analysis with Hershey’s and Campbell’s

October 14th, 2011 by under Marketing, Smith Clubs. No Comments.

This week the Graduate Marketing Association (GMA) welcomed Smith alumni from two of the world’s most iconic brands – The Hershey Company and Campbell Soup Company – to share their insight’s on analyzing advertisements and preparing for marketing case interviews. Ed Edson, MBA ’09, and Don Wood, MBA ’08, shared their experience in consumer product marketing to an audience of GMA members, marketing faculty and Smith staff.

The evening’s event was led off by Dr. David Godes, who laid out the marketing framework for the audience. Leveraging this structured approach is crucial to marketing case interview preparation, particularly for those who can apply the framework without specifically referencing it. Of particular interest was sequential nature of the framework when used correctly: turning insights (5 C’s) into strategies (STPD) and strategies into actions (4 P’s).

Edson and Wood used a variety of TV and print ads to educate the audience on how to identify the consumer insight, targets and primary product benefits. The discussion about a Gatorade ad was particularly compelling – trying to identify the customer segment they targeted, while also gathering insides on the positioning and segmentation of the advertisement.

Practicing analysis of ads in this manner is crucial for those interested in acquiring the most sought after of MBA marketing careers – brand management. Case interviews often use examples such as those discussed, and Edson and Wood were both kind enough to share their insights as former Smith students, interviewers and alums.

It turns out the major take away from the event has a double meaning, as good MBA’s, just like the good brands they were referring to:

  • Stand for something distinctive
  • Offer a high quality product or service
  • Live up to their promises
  • Have a clearly defined personality and set of values

That might be a bit of a stretch, but go with it.