MBAA Charity Golf Tournament

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Snead. Palmer. Nicklaus. Tucker.

Each golfer dominated their era, the latter just happened to be known for his dominance of the Smith golf world. Like the former three though, Tucker would learn to face defeat for the first time in a Smith golf tournament.

Glenn Dale Golf Club played host to the 3rd Annual MBAA Charity Golf Tournament last Sunday, and eight teams of Smith full-time and part-time students, as well as alumni, joined to enjoy a day on the links. All proceeds from the event were donated to the Michael Scott Lamana and Eric Cranford Memorial MBA Fellowship Fund, created in 2001 to honor Smith MBAs who perished in the attack on the Pentagon.

"Old" Tony Ragano rears back for a drive

This year’s  event turned out to be an epic showdown, featuring a one stroke victory by the team of Eric Choi, John Gravel, Taylor Muckerman and Jennifer Spina, finish at five under par for the tournament. The victory was secured with a birdie-eagle finish, highlighted by an 18th hole eagle single-handedly secured by Gravel. Not since Watson’s victory in the 1977 “Duel in the Sun” has golf seen such a dramatic finish.

“The MBAA golf tournament was the perfect way to blow off some steam at the end of term A,” said Choi. “Our team was lucky to play well and take home first prize and we definitely will look to defend our title next year as alumnus.”

Muddying the results was a scorecard error by the team of Michelle Brown, Ward Sloane and Robert Bloomer, who’s miscount of their score left them at four under par, tied for second place with Tucker, Mark Manion and Jess Petitt, the tournament’s defending champions. The gaffe created a one hole playoff which was handily won by Tucker, Manion and Petitt.

The defending champions failed to create the momentum they did in last year’s six under par finish, particularly hindered by playing as the only three-man team without a rotating fourth shot. Clutch putting eluded the team throughout the round. A number of new participants also joined for the tournament, which exceeded either of the prior two tournaments in registrations.

Alas, this was a day for the winning team, whose mental tactics of hiding their place in the standings throughout the round created a false sense of security for the rest of the teams.

MBAA Golf Champions Muckerman, Gravel, Choi and Spina