Greenstorming Case Competition

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Tonight leaders from Net Impact Club & The Supply Chain and Operations Club partnered together to host “Greenstorming” a case competition that brought together MBA and MS Supply Chain students to solve a supply chain challenge.

The case was written by leadership from both Clubs and sent to us, along with our team assignments, over the weekend to review and prepare prior to the event. An interesting component for the event was the opportunity to work on a team with a combination of first year MBA classmates and MS Supply Chain students.
We had the opportunity to meet for forty five minutes prior to presenting our solutions to the audience and receive brief feedback from the Judges. Supply chain professionals from Deloitte, the American Red Cross and the Maryland Department of Transportation served as volunteer Judges. I would certainly never claim to have had experience in supply chain but was impressed with how thoroughly our team worked to build ideas together and provide feedback quickly.

During the presentations from other teams, the weaknesses in our analysis were addressed by other competitors but I felt confident in our presentation and our conclusions. We had uniquely positioned ourselves to dive beyond responding “yes” or “no” to the questions posed by the case related to the greening of Walmart’s fish supply but addressed strategy concerns for moving to action. Each member of our team was able to speak during the presentation and had a blast during the event.

By the time the announcement was made that our Team had won the event, we had already had a great time networking with other MS students and asking questions to learn from other teams to understand how they approached the case and were able to address areas we could not.

Overall the event was a success from both a case preparation and event stand point – next year I look forward to having more teams participate and providing more publicity to the Smith community regarding the event. And I can honestly say, as a true nerd, that I learned a significant amount about our world’s fish supply, or lack thereof .

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