Here Comes the Story of a Hurricane

October 30th, 2012 by under student life. No Comments.

How to prepare for Hurricane Sandy when you are an MBA student at the start of term:

  • Step 1: Ignore friends in the District who are all out celebrating government closures on U Street by completing your Finance pre-skills homework.
  • Step 2: Text classmates to invite others to take refuge in your apartment. Check in on friends throughout the District and NYC.
  • Step 3: Consider dusting since you are now sitting on your couch realizing how long it’s been since someone has addressed the issue happening on your windowpanes.
  • Step 4: Try to hold to your meeting schedule with classmates regarding your upcoming First Year Board Member event by chatting on Skype.
  • Step 5: Track power outages based on who is able to chat.
  • Step 6: Follow Twitter with fellow classmate to view the damage in NYC.
  • Step 7: Realize with fellow classmate that you have done nothing to prepare for the storm.
  • Step 8: Listen to the news and actually prepare apartment for the storm.
  • Step 9: Dress as if you belong on a frozen fish package and walk to a neighbors to celebrate everyone having power.
  • Step 10: Wake up and repeat…with twice as much Skype and dinner with friends in Dupont.

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