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I’m a people person. I’m that person who talks too long to the waitress, who what her neighbor’s anniversary, and who acknowledges the passengers next to her during red eye flights. Although, rest assured that I draw the line with chatting up strangers on the metro.
Getting to know others and interacting with people have always been an important part of my M.O. However, since starting at Smith 1.5 months ago I’ve had access to another facet of working with people, nay relying on other people.
Less than forty eight hours ago I took my Data Models and Decisions midterm, a test I have dreaded since Math Camp during Orientation. I knew prior to Day 1 of Business School that I would be reliant upon my peers for assistance learning quantitative material. But the fact of the matter is, I have relied on my classmates more often than not this past month and a half. Team assignments aside, the extra help from second years in the case rooms late at night or first year students early in the morning before class have significantly contributed towards my learning this new material. One would think I would predict this need to reliance on my peers since one of the reasons I chose Maryland, oh so few months ago, was because of the collaborative environment.

But it’s hard to predict what collaboration will actually feel like and even better when you recognize how significantly need it. I recognize now that being a people person is not what will contribute to my success at Van Munching, it’s becoming comfortable with my weaknesses and to learn how to ask for help from my peers. The same peers that willingly went over the practice midterm and the same peers that broke out the champagne to celebrate our first midterm.

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