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Nothing like a healthy dose of competition to wake everyone up.

As of today we have spent nearly two weeks in Orientation and I’m realizing now that if our schedule during school is similar to orientation then my vacuum will remain in hibernation until Thanksgiving. In fact, despite the trash talk between some of the newly minted “Class of 2014” I expected to walk into Van Munching  to be surrounded by less than enthusiastic Terps.

False.  From the moment I walked into Van Munching this morning with my bag of supplies, much earlier than necessary, I passed classmates carrying everything from crockpots of steaming food to printing supplies. We had been told to expect some faculty and 2nd year students to attend, but no one was able to predict how many Smith community members would voluntarily mill about spending “Terp bucks” to purchase goods and services from our class. Within twenty minutes after the start of the event, the hallway was packed.

Our team spent time showing glimpses of our project – “Get Out! Beyond Van Munching” a guide to activities in the Washington Metro area for newcomers and residents with longevity alike. The five of us worked really well together, rotating who spent time editing and designing and in the end I would be grateful to be on a team like this in any of my upcoming classes. Unfortunately we will be split before tracks, but this was the beginning of getting to know my classmates.


After a few hours of demonstrating previews of our guide on Kindles and iPhones alike to passersby, we were happy to end the day winning the “Entrepreneurship” reward. If only all team projects ended with a  cash prize.

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