Terps helping Terps

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Whenever I go for a jog throughout my neighborhood there are few things that grab my attention – a bad song on my iPhone, any type of rodent or someone wearing maize and blue. Pointedly stating “Go Blue” to anyone sporting University of Michigan apparel is not only normal behavior for me but a testament to the Michigan Alumni community. As Wolverines we have a standard of school spirit; cheering one another on during runs like the Army Ten Miler (yes, I shout Go Blue during races as well), saying hello on the metro and most of all – supporting one another within our community.

Although I would contend that many people feel passionately about their Undergraduate Institutions – the time of the end of their adolescence and the start of their independence as young adults, the caliber of our degrees only exemplified by how we contribute to our those communities long after the mortarboard hat goes in the air.

“Terps helping Terps.” As first year students this mantra is repeated to us to set the standard for the level of engagement we will contribute from the point of entry in orientation until long after graduation. As of last week, I would content that this saying is somewhat moot.

Today I had the opportunity to participate in Alumni Soft Case Interviews hosted by our Office of Career Services. I entered the Office of Career Services suite and sat down with two full time students. We introduced ourselves in time for the first Alumni volunteer to walk into the room. The first Alumni volunteer of four to conduct practice case interviews for us during the session. As someone who had yet to practice case interviews, this session was incredibly helpful. The Alumni were challenging and helpful as they conducted the sessions and provided valuable feedback. Even more significantly, many of the Alumni participants joined us at a brief reception to provide personalized feedback and networking. This is Terps helping Terps. Alumni being actively involved in the career preparation of current students by volunteering their time on a Friday.

I am grateful to our Alumni who donated their time, but even more grateful to be a part of a University where Alumni engagement isn’t limited to the Development office – it’s just Terps being Terps.

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