Dingman Day -5 Weekend is around :-)

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By Neha Gupta

It was great to talk to two great EIRs today.

It was more of a discussion though, the EIRs presented some tips and broad questions and then listened to each person’s ideas and the plans for executing those ideas. Everyone’s ideas have been evolving since the first day and are getting better & more focused day by day.

The important questions the EIRs told the young entrepreneurs to ask about their company/idea/product are:

Who do we serve?

What do we provide?

How do we provide it?

I was bit surprised when John asked the question that “how many people are ready to pay more for products which lead to social good”? Almost everyone raised his or her hands.

We also did some interesting case studies about how some businesses did better and were able to run successfully.

Southwest Airlines:

  • Used lesser-used airports just outside of high traffic & important hubs, hence could be cheaper.
  • Employees are more important than customers


  • Trendy Design and high performance


  • Introduced a new paradigm in laundry. Earlier, it was the women who did most of the laundry, now the manufacturers advertised laundry as a chore for men and introduced huge laundry machines to be put into the garage, which men could operate, and this could in turn save a lot of time for women. The idea was a big hit J