Dingman Jumpstart Day 1- Jump Higher & Higher

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by Neha Gupta

Being a researcher, I come up with number of ideas every day, but most of them are abandoned by the end of the day. I joined the Dingman Jumpstart hoping to find a platform to convert my ideas into real business. After attending today’s session, I realized that it’s not only important to have an idea but also to pursue it with full heart and mind. I got an opportunity to meet with other talented fellows who have great ideas.  I really liked everyone’s enthusiasm and their willingness to take the road less traveled. Everyone shared their ideas with each other and looked for prospective partners. Sharing ideas with people makes you think harder and better and also provides with good critiques.

Mr. Epstein made us realize the importance of looking for ideas and market trends.

Jon Dugan, COO Goozex, also spent considerable amount of time inspiring the participants.

Some take-homes from Jon’s presentation are (according to me):

  • Make your business different from others.
  • Never put your eggs in one basket. Make your consumers, advertisers, sponsors as diversified as possible.
  • If you are in a customer driven business, then customer is always right.
  • Very well know the strengths and weaknesses of your business.
  • When you hire/look for partners for a start-up, more than skill-set look for passion.
  • Don’t count nickel and dime with your partner and be very honest.
  • Product give-aways are always helpful to entice customers and make them addicted to your application.

I enjoyed the Potbelly sandwich and drinks 🙂

Thanks to Alla for organizing this:-)

Way to go Dingman !! I m looking forward to tomorrow’s session.