Dingman Jumpstart Day 2

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by Neha Gupta

Today was the second day at Dingman and I was late today also.

Driving from Gaithersburg early morning at 8:00 is not a cake walk but my efforts were well paid off at the end of the day.

Mr.Epstein gave a great talk today about entrepreneurship and shared his wealth of experiences.

He tried to ignite our minds to think like entrepreneurs, look for small opportunities in life and do something instead of wasting time waiting for one big opportunity.

I really liked the ideas the threw at us.

1)      Community owned bakery : Community owned bakery is a great idea in today’s economic crisis. It will help people looking for an additional source of income and will benefit everyone. I have a sweet tooth which makes me biased towards this idea.

2)      Short –term rental- It is also one of the unexplored areas I feel with a lot of potential. Me and my husband were thinking about renting a house beside a beach for summer but couldn’t do so since very little information was available about the houses. If there is a company which we can hire to do the sanity checks for us, I think a lot of people will be ready to pay for it.

3)      Green equipment of military : US military has a budget for 450 Billion $.Green and low carbon footprint equipments have become a necessity, hence are an area of opportunity.

Among the take-homes of today’s session were:

1)      Read Wall-Street Journal once a week to know about the economic world.

2)      Don’t think that your first idea will be a hit, you might need to try several before success.”Rise after a fall and keep going”.

3)      Profit margin is very important in a business; no business can survive without a good margin.

I also enjoyed the session with Ms.Corey and Mr.Epstein. They  like my idea. Its Nirmal’s (my husband)

and my dream project.

Hope it works!!

Looking forward to meet with the EIRs tomorrow.