Spring Break

I am officially 3/4 my way through  my first year of business school at the University of Maryland and I was extremely excited for Spring Break. After a very long term (7 weeks), I decided that I needed to utilize my one week off and go somewhere that I had never been before. Being enrolled within an MBA program, you will see that it can be really easy to get burned out. In order to ensure that I was mentally prepared for my final term in the school year I felt as though taking a mini vacation would be the best thing for me.

Taking time to decompress is very important. Taking time to yourself is very important.

With all of this in my mind I took a trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The trip itself is not long and with a bundled airfare and hotel stay, I was able to get a really great rate (This is important for a broke college student lol)! The location of my hotel was directly on the ocean and I was able to partake in a lot of whale watching from the comfort of my balcony. I took the time to do absolutely nothing on my Spring Break. No work, no studying…nothing. I took my Spring Break and dedicated it to myself.

After spending a few days in Mexico laying out on the beach, I was completely recharged and ready for my final term!

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