Jan 032016

There are few times in your life when you are surrounded by people from across the globe all on the same journey. School tends to dominate all aspects of these connections–everyone around you is busy, everyone is struggling with one class or another, everyone is working on the same assignments as you. It really isn’t until you spend time together outside of class do you realize what an amazingly diverse group of people you are surrounded by. Before I started at Smith, I had never met an amazing Tango dancer, eaten homemade Taiwanese food or watched someone drape a sari (its much harder than it looks!).

Thursday socials are perhaps my favorite part of the week. They happen almost every Thursday and are usually hosted by one of the MBA clubs. Diwali Night hosted by the International MBA Association was perhaps my favorite social thus far. It ended our week of midterms, which were stressful to say the least.

I could smell the curry from the first floor of Van Munching Hall. When the elevator door opened up to the second floor atrium, there was an explosion of colors. The Indian students had graciously loaned out their saris and kurtas and gave a bunch of us non-Indian students dance lessons. The halls traditionally filled with the hustle and bustle of students rushing to class had transformed into the closest thing to a Bollywood set I will ever see. It was an evening I will never forget.


©Mohamed Boraie

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