Apr 042016

Before I came to business school, I always imagined it was this cut-throat environment where a good poker face would come in handy. Well, several months in and I now know, that description does not fit the bill. We all have our strengths, we all have our areas for improvement and the cohort member sitting next to you is often struggling with the same thing.

Rarely is there a chance to showcase our not-so-business school talents but the S-Games is here to change all that. The S-Games competitions between first and second years occur over the course of a few months and tap into a variety of random talents across the cohorts. Competitions include dodgeball, trivia, the newlyweds game, soccer, the lazy game (still waiting to find out what this is) and my personal favorite–iron chef.

We first years kept it real and went the BBQ route. My cohort member Ryan smoked several pounds of pork overnight and created a juicy, flavorful masterpiece. In keeping with the BBQ theme (and student budget) we served on picnic-appropriate disposable plates. Riding on their post-internship salary, the second years opted to play to the judges and offered up tequila marinated Latin American chicken with a side of mango salsa. Admittedly, this was a beautiful presentation and the judges took note.

The second years took home the win for this competition but first years are currently in the lead by a 3-2 margin. The softball competition occurs tomorrow and lets just say, the Pepsi challenge is on…



First years keep it real (and delicious)


Second years get fancy (no plates were broken during the production of this S-Game)


Distinguished judges Joe, Lele, Dr. K, Charley and Paulo