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And so it begins…

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As a second year here at the Smith School of Business I started the year thinking it would be easier then my first year. That is certainly what I remember hearing from people last year. You are use to going to classes and doing work. You know how to balance all of your commitments. Well this all makes sense it is not the truth. It is the very beginning of the year and I already have a ton of things to do. I may have over committed myself at the end of last year, which is causing a backlash this year, but there are so many things I am interested in I couldn’t choose. That is my main piece of advice for business school. Get involved but don’t over commit yourself. Understand how many hours there are in a day and calculate the amount of time your work is going to take you to do so that it all lines up.

I think the biggest pressure that we are all feeling right now is the job search. No one wants to leave business school without a well paying, and in reality almost no one will, however there is still that fear lingering in everyone heads. The school is doing a good job of offering as many opportunities as possible to us, and helping us where ever we need it, but it is still a very labor intensive process that takes up a lot of time.

I’m enjoying the classes I’m in right now. It’s nice to be taking classes that you have chosen as oppose to cores that are chosen for you. I also like that my classes are all full semester ones, it gives me more time to settle into them and learn at a more manageable pace. I also really like that I was able to set up my schedule so that I only have class Monday thru Wednesday. Who doesn’t want a 4 day weekend. Not that it is really free time, I just end up doing work, but I still like to pretend it is a 4 day weekend.

The other parts of my over committed schedule include being a officer in two clubs and the co-chair of the Nationals Women MBAs Conference that is going to be held at Maryland in November. It has really been a great experience for me but it has also been a lot of work. Right now a lot of things are falling into place though, so it makes all the hard work seem worth it. I’m still counting down the days until Nov 2nd and 3rd though. We are getting ready to celebrate like rock stars on the 3rd. Can’t wait for that.

10:30 on a Sunday…do I get more work done or get a good nights sleep for a long day ahead. I think I’m going to opt for the sleep.