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Sick of this yet?

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I’m sure the last thing people want to read is another post about the NAWMBA Conference I have been planning, I’m kind of sick of writing about it. I don’t really have a choice though since it is consuming my life and my brain. Luckily for all the conference starts tomorrow so there will be no more posts about it. We’ve already had the last minute changes that are bound to happen with an event this size. Three weeks out we changed caters, four weeks out we lost one of our main organizers and three days out we lost our main keynote speaker. While we still don’t have a speaker, everything else has worked out, so I’m sure this will too. Otherwise people are going to be hearing a half hour speech about my MBA experience. One last problem that we might have to battle this weekend is over capacity. We were expecting between 750-1000 people, however 1000 would be tight. We now have over 1200 people coming. I’m not sure yet where we are going to put them all, but hopefully they will fit and everyone will be happy. Even if their not, it will all be over soon :).

Happy Halloween!


Time to register

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It is already time to register for classes, for my final semester of business school. Its crazy how fast the time goes while here. Part of me is ready to be done with school and homework, but another part of me just wants to stay in school forever. It also makes me feel even more pressure about finding a job. Everyone is going on multiple interviews a week right now and I have only applied to one job. There is nothing really out there that I want right now, or maybe I still don’t know what I want. That is also a scary thought when registering for the final semester.

After looking through the course list it is hard to decide what to take. They try and give you as many opportunities as possible to take classes, however there are still generally more that you want to take, then you will get a chance to take. The other problem is the multiple campuses. Some of the classes I want are either Saturday mornings or on different campuses at night. While I really like the class I have in DC right now, getting there is not all that fun. Especially since I live really close to the school. So picking classes is not really going to be a quick and easy process.  This is the last time I will have to do it though.


Time becomes precious

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The National Association of Women MBAs Conference is just over two weeks away, mid-term tests and presentations are taking place and job searching and interviewing are in full force. Time has become a very precious commodity in my life. It is really hard to have three things be a priority in life, but I’m working it out and getting everything done. This is definitely the time in the year where sleep is more of a privilege than a daily activity. I know that I will be able to make it through though, with a little bit of time management and a lot of caffeine. I have to constantly remind myself that I am in grad school, its not going to be a walk in the park.  I’m looking forward to the conference happening though. One, because I feel like I will get a piece of my life back. Two, because it will be nice to see the culmination of a years worth of work. Hopefully people will enjoy and appreciate the event, although I don’t really expect to hear those types of comments as I’m walking through the halls. I remember last year all I did was complain about the things that I thought they hadn’t done a good job with. It’s hard to really appreciate the magnitude of something until you have to do it yourself.  It’s definitely hard right now to appreciate anything I’m doing; I just don’t have the time to. Hopefully I will have time to take in everything I’m doing and enjoy it before the end of the year comes and I have to re-enter the working world! 


First Social Event of the Year

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One of the great things about being in an MBA program is the social aspect. While they do expect you to work hard while you are here, it is also about having fun and relaxing with your friends. There are three main sponsored social events throughout the year that the MBAA puts on. The first one is Fall Bash and it happened this past weekend. Really it is a night where they tell everyone to show up at the same bar and provide drink specials and appetizers. The event is a great opportunity for first and second year students to hang out, since it doesn’t happen much on its own. I can’t say I remember everything about the evening, but I know everyone around me was having a good time and clearly I was too.

I definetly needed the break this weekend. As the National Women’s Conference draws near my work load is starting to pick up. I don’t think there was a single day last week that I wasn’t sitting in front of my computer doing work for something, for the majority of the day. I have to remind myself that it is no different than a job, but that is hard to do sometimes.

This weekend is the Maryland vs. Georgia Tech football game. Its one of the things I look forward to most in the fall. Going to Maryland games. Not because they are all that good, because they generally aren’t, but I love the tailgating and being outside in the great weather. The whole thing is a true sign of fall to me. Its nice to have something to look forward to, to get me through the week.