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I can see the finish line

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While I am not done yet I am almost there. I have one group project left to finish tomorrow and my semester will be complete. My lack of work from the previous week all caught up to me this weekend. I was in group meetings for over 30 hours in 3 days. I’m pretty sure I never left the school. I didn’t leave last night until midnight. Not an experience I want to repeat anytime soon. I’m definitely going to enjoy the full night sleep that I get tonight. I have never seen our whole class like this. I haven’t run into a single person that hasn’t had constant group meetings or studying. Everyone is walking around like a zombie, with minimal hours of sleep. I think we are all happy the end is near. Today I had a group paper, project and a final. All before noon. Second year really isn’t easier than the first. At least not at the end of the semester.

It is hard to complain about the work load when I am one day away from a 5 and a half week break. Not to many people can say that. I’m excited about having time to put my life together, travel, find a job and plan the VCIC competition. Clearly will still be busy, but it will be on my schedule.

If you are considering going back to grad school to get your MBA know that there are going to be times when the only thing that matters is your group and the work you have to get done. It all pays off in the end but there are going to be some sacrifices on the way. The one saving grace, you aren’t going through it alone. There are people around you to support you and complain to when necessary.

Happy Holidays!


Last full week of class

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It is time for final tests, papers, presentations and projects. Most people I know are running around crazy this week trying to get everything done and not getting a wink of sleep. I for some reason am more fortunate than most people. I had a test today, I have a group paper and presentation due on Monday, I also have a final on Monday and a group project due Wednesday. At this point in time I’m just starting to study early for the test because my groups for the other classes are too busy to meet to work on things. That is definitely one of the hardest things in grad school, trying to organize people’s schedules so that everyone can meet. This mean I’m probably not going to have a fun weekend, unless one considers all day group meetings fun, but that is the way it goes. At least I get to enjoy my week, very rare. Plus after Monday I’m almost completely done. Hard to believe, but I think I’ve been saying all semester that it has been flying by. I have a bunch of fun trips planned for over break, which I am really looking forward to. I figure this is going to be one of the last periods of time in my life where I have almost 6 weeks off with no responsibilities. One of the best perks of going back to school, breaks. You know you are going to have the holidays free, plus extra time off. Really it probably evens out with the amount of time you spend doing work over the semester though.

I think it is time to return to the exciting read of my financial statement analysis book.  So good I can hardly put it down.