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I have actually learned something

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When I am in a class I often feel like I am learning, but as soon as the semester ends or even the moment I leave the class I question if I have actually learned anything. Its amazing how quickly I forget the knowledge that I just absorbed. This leads to me often wondering what I have learned since coming to get my MBA.  Has this really been a value add or am I just spending my time listening to people speak? When asked in the future will I be able to call upon this knowledge I supposedly have and be able to perform a task? I think part of the problem is when you are surrounded by people that are learning the same things as you, you do not see any advancement. Everyone is moving along together. It is also hard to just think about things you have learned when you are not applying it. Then events come along that require you to think about the knowledge you have gained or even actually apply it and you realize you have learned something. You are smarter then you were when you started school. You have not been wasting your time. I had one of those events today. I was rewriting a section of my cover letter and I had to think of relevant experience to fill a specific area. I had to delve deep into my brain and think of the experiences I have had and how it might pertain. I like moments like this because it makes me feel smart. It reminds me that just because I am surrounded by people with their MBAs it doesn’t mean that everyone in the world has one. It is unique and it has given me a base of knowledge that not everyone has. I like moments like this.


Passing the baton

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It has already come to that point in the year when the second years start passing on all their club duties to the first years. Elections are taking place and new faces are stepping into the leadership roles with grand ideas in their heads on how they are going to run things differently. This is the first real step in the second years participation in the program coming to an end. The second years have started to checkout. Next it will be doing homework assignments hours before they are due and eventually not even going to class everyday.  Senioritis is coming on in full force.  Second years are starting to plan tee times instead of group meetings and conference calls instead of meeting in person. Those that have jobs have really already started thinking about the future and not the present. As good as everyone’s intention might be in helping the first years transition into their new roles, many will never see the first year leaders again.  Our class has put in a lot of work and made a lot changes throughout the school. I believe that we deserve the break before we start again in our new organizations.

It is pretty amazing how quickly things go from being completely new when in business school, to ending.  The best part is, there is always potential for change to happen and there is always new drive and desire to carry it out. I’m glad that my responsibilities are over as far as extracurricular are concerned. I had some great experiences with the clubs, and I believe it is a huge part of being in MBA school, but I am ready to move on and give someone else a chance.


Am I in a race?

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The semester started about 3 weeks ago and I have not had a minute to breath since. It started with the 2nd year MBA case competition that we all had to participate in. It counts as a one credit course. This year it cut into the end of our winter break, which no one was happy about. It started on a Friday morning and all teams had to turn in a written deliverable by Monday morning at 9 am. It was a long weekend at the school. My team was there somewhere around 35 hours in three days. Exhausting. On Monday night 4 teams were eliminated, we made it to the second round. This meant putting together a presentation Monday night to present on Tuesday night. All of this, while regular classes have started. I don’t think I had a moment to even think until the end of the week. On Wednesday night the final four teams presented their cases. My team didn’t make it that far. We weren’t surprised. We were all required to attend though. The experience wasn’t all bad. We did have some laughs, and it is always good to put your newly learned skills to use, but it was a lot to handle in such a short amount of time. Plus each member of the winning team received $1,000. I could have used that!

I kept telling myself, once the competition is over everything will settle down. It hasn’t. This is partly my fault. I am taking 5 classes in stead of 4 for the first seven weeks, so I am always either in class or doing work for a class. I was also co-coordinator of the local round of the Venture Capital Investment Competition so I was heavily involved in doing things for that the second week of classes. This past week was busy and I still cannot figure out why. The classes I am taking this semester just seem to have more work every week then I am use to. I think I just need to find my groove again and everything will be ok. Until then, I feel like I am running non-stop without a moment to breath. I’m already counting down the weeks to Spring Break. Not good. Especially since this is my last semester, I feel like I should take time to enjoy it. This will most likely be the last time that I am ever in school.

My advice to anyone looking to get an MBA, don’t over commit yourself and don’t try to take 15 credits when you don’t need to. It isn’t worth the time commitment.