an “Augmented Reality” view of the Smith Experience

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This semester I am taking the Technology Commercialization class as part of the “Smith Experience” requirement.  This course pairs teams up with inventors from the University to come up with business plans and consult in the next phases of commercialization for tech ranging from flexible batteries, to next-generation transistors.

My group is working with a team at Children’s Hospital, which is developing an algorithm to superimpose ultrasound imaging on 3D video for Laparoscopic surgery.  This tech basically enables superman-like vision to insides of organs. Very cool.

We took a trip to the hospital yesterday to see it in action and meet the inventor.


So far the class has been a very different experience than all prior academic work, and I am delighted to be working alongside CS and Engineering students.  The workload certainly has been sobering as well, so far meeting 3 times a week at 3 hours a piece, but definitely worth it.