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It was about time for some real business in b-school.

This week we started our second set of classes for the semester. One of my three has left me sleepless with excitement.  The new pilot setup for Entrepreneurship and New Ventures class is a series of challenges, each leading up with the grand challenge of creating a business in the class, where we are graded on every dollar we bring in, in direct competition with our classmates.

This week’s homework was just getting our feet wet: Create a pop-up business and make as much money as possible in 2 hours, with only $5 in seed funding(of course to be returned with interest).

We decided to decline the seed money, and use what we had.  We setup shop at the entrepreneurship showcase at the UMD Entrepreneurship Invitational, our service: Social Media presence consulting, complete with taking new headshots of our customers on site for linkedin or Facebook.


Even Testudo was a customer!

We signed customers up for Klout, where they could gauge how changes in their patterns were affecting their reach, as well as gave tips on what patterns and strategies can maximize community engagement.

The exercise was a resounding success, bringing in $200 in the two hours.

I look forward to the next challenge, and will post updates as we go.