Habitatin’ for Humanity

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This weekend we kicked off Team MBA month, where student groups put together events to help the community.  We kicked this off big with 20 students heading down to DC to contribute our blood and sweat to couple of homes-in-progress with Habitat for Humanity.

Habitat is working to rebuild a small community called Ivy City, just off of New York ave, where they are doing both new construction as well as refurbishing some existing spaces.

We split into teams with different tasks, most headed to do Demolition and waterproofing and myself and two colleagues to do Framing.

The morning was crisp and cool, but the sun hit just as we were getting into our groove.

I was on a team of three framing walls in the basement of a refurbishing project.  Being an older building, the floor wasn’t level, and very little else was straight.  There was a great deal of “caressing” to get stuff to fit, we certainly got a good workout from it.

The afternoon was capped off with a fantastic charcoal barbecue at the house of a classmate, where we compared battle wounds and the stiffness of our hair coated by a fairly substantial amount of dust.

The next event is a charity auction. Up for bid: dinner hosted by faculty.  Looking forward to it!