Being Productive About Your Career Search! – Tolu

Hello guys-

I am Toluwalope Oshobajo and I go by Tolu. I am a first year Masters of Science in Accounting Student. I am on the Public Accounting Track. I am from Nigeria, and have been living in the DMV area for a little while now. I love the city and the charm it has to it; multicultural, with everyone around the world representing their country interest in the nation’s capital.

It is fall time, and most fun events are coming to an end. This is the time most people like to stay in with a cup of warm cider, a book or binge watch Netflix. Though all that sounds tempting but don’t be fooled, it is also time to get active and search for internships for first year students or full-time positions for seniors. Fall time is recruiting season when the top companies recruit students for internship.

'Interviewing 101'

‘Interviewing 101’

The Smith School knows how challenging and time consuming this task is and has made several events and programs to assist students in achieving this goal, so I have been going to various seminars like “Interviewing 101.” It was a productive event where Dr. Kudisch spoke about behavioral traits employers search in applicants. At the end I had gained enough information needed, and was given a binder as a resource that I could always go back to for future interviews.


It was at one of these events that I heard of the Crest Team, a program the Office of Career Services had initiated to equip students with the right tools needed to get a desired internship. The Crest Team is a five-week program that meets once a week. The aim of the meeting is to coach students with the information and right skills needed to search for and gain a job or internship. At the end of the program, the school hosts a round table event for students and recruiters to meet.  It is of great benefit to all students. I applied and didn’t get a feedback, because I applied late and it is a very competitive program to get into. A friend who got into the program advised me to email the program director, which I wasn’t sure about. My friend Gana told me that what is the harm in trying, Just Do It!! I emailed the program director and got into the program!

Crest Program meeting

Crest Program meeting

I went for the first meeting last week and I am already benefiting from the program. We already have an assignment to create a contact list of employees in our desired companies for the next meeting. So I look forward to gaining more from the program and I will fill you in later with the result of the program as time goes on. Bye for now!

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