Group Projects Build Connections-Shruthi

Shruthi Srivatsan
Master of Science in Supply Chain

I’m Shruthi Srivatsan and I am a first-year student in the Master of Science in Supply Chain Management Program.

My experience so far has been really interesting, especially getting to know students from various backgrounds. Over the first Term, I have been able to interact with many international students and out of state students. Each person I have interacted with has unique goals and I have come across many different personalities. By going to the events that were hosted by Smith, it allowed the new students to build connections and interact with their classmates. I was able to learn about other students’ personal experiences and gain information about opportunities that they knew about in the area, in terms of gaining internships, training, and jobs.

Meeting new people also helped my transition from switching from being an Undergraduate student to being in a Masters program. It makes you feel that everyone is in this together by helping each other learn, working on group projects and going to review sessions together. The learning process becomes more enthusiastic, interactive and beneficial as you start to learn from one another. While working on team projects, people brought in different ideas and suggestions through their experience and learning styles from their undergraduate studies. Coming from different majors, and ending up in the same program, allows us as a class to students to think broadly, learning from a different perspective. With various skills, dividing up the work and bringing up a strong team to present our projects was easier as more variety in the way our group can think about a simulation or a specific problem is helpful in a completing a  project. For this particular class, our presentation was more beneficial for our fellow audience. Overall, my experience thus far has been mainly with my fellow students, and it has been wonderful to meet such ambitious people from all around the world with common goals.

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