Analytics and the Smith Experience!-Neha

Hello Readers, I am Neha Mehrotra, a first-year student in the Master of Science in Marketing Analytics Program. I am very excited to share my experience from the last three months at the Robert H. Smith School of Business.

Neha Mehrotra
Master of Science in Marketing Analytics

This past semester, I have worked hard on developing hard analytical skills and also enjoyed some of the most important Indian festivals so far away from home.  My past work experience was as a Business Development Manager for a Fortune 500 Company. While working, I realized the volume and the complexity of the data I would be dealing with require more sophisticated analytical skills. Hence, I decided to enroll in the MS in Marketing Analytics course. The field of analytics is burgeoning as I write this blog! As a career transitioner, it’s difficult to catch up with all that’s latest in the field. For me, the University of Maryland has been the perfect playground for learning and honing hard and soft skills that are of great importance in the market today. I get to learn from the best faculty in the country and practice the theory I learn in class with real-world data sets. Apart from that, there are other great opportunities offered by the University of Maryland that helped me in refining my knowledge and with the industry.

Networking session at Analytics Consortium

For example, one opportunity is the Smith Analytics Consortium. I  attended the Student Networking Session organized by the Smith Analytics Consortium. I met leaders in the field of analytics like Deloitte, Merkle, NewDayUSA, and Unilever.  There was a panel session where all the companies presented the tools and best practices deployed at their respective companies. After that, the floor was open for me and other classmates to interact with these leaders, ask questions and build a continuing relationship. The experience was intellectually stimulating and helped me a lot.

Me and  my new friend Ziyao in a fashion show at the Diwali party

Panel presentation at Analytics Consortium

The Smith School also organizes some of the best cultural events. Last month, I attended the Diwali Party organized by the Smith Masters Student Association (SMSA). It was a fun-filled event that had lots of Indian food, music, dance, a fashion show, games and surprise raffle gifts. It’s great to indulge in such parties after some hard work in the classroom. I am so looking forward to more such parties and corporate networking events next semester.



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