Live a Colorful Life at Smith!-Haoyue

Hi everyone! I am Haoyue Li, a first-year student in the Master of Science in Accounting program in the Public Accounting track.

The past three months’ life at the Robert H. Smith School of Business has been so intense but also so inspiring. The culture shock, various workshops and learning new materials are teaching me how important it is to live a colorful life. Here are some of the things that I have participated in at the Smith School so far:

OCS Small Group Coaching

Knowing how to communicate, how to networking in the U.S. and how to talk about myself, to tell STAR stories, and how to write a great resume is important for my future career development. During these three months, I have participated in various OCS (Office of Career Services)  small group coaching workshops and have obtained a lot. Through these workshops, I have learned how to prepare for an interview, how to introduce myself to prospective employers and contacts, how to tell attractive STAR stories in the interview and how to communicate appropriately through networking. In addition, I learned how to use Linkedin to build my network.

Big Ten Sports

In the Fall, there are a variety of sports matches. As an international student who has never gone to a sports match or football game before, it was a great opportunity to watch a live football game. To see a different sporting culture and cheer on my Terps was great, especially with my FREE STUDENT TICKET.


Smith Master’s Student Association

The Smith Master Student Association (SMSA) is a master’s student organization at Smith, focused on personal and professional development, and building connections among students. As an ambassador of SMSA, my team and I have held three interesting workshops in the past two months. We’ve held a Tableau Beginner Workshop on September 28th, a tailgating experience for the Football game on October 13th, and an Alumni Forum on November 1st. These experiences have taught me things about leadership and cooperation, but also have helped me communicate with people and make friends. For next year, I will have the honor to be chosen to be the Finance VP for SMSA!

My advice to you based on my experience so far- live a colorful life, grasp opportunities, and build your network!!!

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