Community at Smith- Shantan

What is a community?


If these words tie into your definition, then welcome to our Smith community. As a melting pot of culture, we believe in celebrating our diversity and identity. The MS student body representatives, the Smith Master Student Association (SMSA), along with the Masters Program Office, organize two major festivities celebrations, one for each semester.

The first is the Chinese Spring Festival which marks the start of the Chinese New Year and is organized in February. During my experience, SMSA had several booths with fun little activities, giving us a glimpse of the rich Chinese culture. My personal favorite activity, which intrigued the inner amateur anthropologist in me, was calligraphy. SMSA had volunteers who would teach students how to write their names in Chinese! The art of holding the brush, along with the subtlety of the flicks of the wrist, and attempting at least 100 times before getting my name right made the effort so much more rewarding! The cherry on the top was the delicious, authentic Chinese cuisine and its amazing flavors!

The second event is in the Fall semester is, of course, the Diwali Celebration! Students donning their ethnic wear, coming together and letting loose to the beats of Bollywood and Bhangra. And of course, the food! Now I may be biased, but Indian cuisine is the most delicious and vibrant around the world.

With lights being hung from the walls, lanterns from the ceiling, and Diwali diyas lit on the floor, everybody had their personal additions to one Smith Rangoli; emphasizing how each person brings their personal flair and to this diverse community. Everybody here is a part of the Smith community right fit not because of their similarities, but because of their individuality and uniqueness.

This is what we at the Smith School are proud of. Our strong sense of community, diversity, and representation!

Follow SMSA on Instagram @rhsmithsmsa as we keep uploading pictures of our events to give you a peek through the keyhole of the student experience at Smith School


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