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My Mo@ndays !!

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There may be an odd character for whom the dawn of another Monday is rejoicing. As far as I am concerned, “I don’t like Mondays” at all. I have never been a morning person and the exercise to haul myself out of the bed gets more daunting on a Monday morning. Getting back to school after a lazy weekend is boring and, for me, even frustrating at times. It’s not as much about getting up in the morning as it is about going to bed the last night. I just can’t put myself to sleep before 2am. Midnight is just not good enough for me. Now obviously, when I have an early morning group meeting for our BUSI681 project at the dawn of the week, I am not expected to be thrilled about it. I don’t know what I was thinking when I agreed to meet at 8am. Anyway here I am, sitting in the case room waiting for my team members to arrive wondering who came up with an idea of a Monday. I don’t blame Monday as such, it just got a raw deal to be asked to open the week. What if, there were no Mondays at all, and we had 28 hours long six days a week. I think, I should try that sometime in my life. It’s a weird thought, I know, but again; I am up since 6:30am on a Monday morning… As my team members have started to arrive, I’ll finish this post after the meeting.

After a long day, I found myself leaning back on my chair in my GA office trying to figure out where I am and what I am supposed to do right now. And that brings me back to this post. It’s been a crazy day so far. The “going got tough and the tough got going”.  Many a times, I had to run from one corner of Van Munching Hall to another to be in time for my group meetings and classes. I needed to see my payroll coordinator to discuss a few issues related to my assistantship. And I had a long session with my Career Coach crammed in between. At one time, I had that “termite in a yoyo” feeling but I got over it soon, maybe because of hunger pangs.

I realized that I am getting better at parallel processing and keeping my focus on the work I am doing when I am interrupted by task reminders on my pocket PC, one after another. At times, my efficiency slows down but I am learning the importance and art of prioritizing these tasks. I understand that one soul cannot be present at two places simultaneously. Once figuring out what event is more useful, I can ignore the unnecessary interrupts without worrying over them.

Now I should better head off to my apartment before the “silicon chip inside my head switches to overload”. I am just glad I managed my Monday somehow. And I still maintain Monday is not a day for slogging through endless tasks; it’s a day for weary soberness, for 10 cups of coffee before the lunch break, and yawning at the futility of another working week.