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Back to Life in the Fast Lane !!

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Ever been on one of those road trips when you can’t make it without a coffee break or two? The good thing about these breaks is the energy boost that refreshes you to keep going for the rest of the trip. The tricky part is when taking the ramp back on to the highway; you suddenly realize that you need to hit the accelerator hard to catch up with the speed of ongoing traffic and not have much time to adjust. Now why am I reminded of that? I just arrived back from Pakistan yesterday, after spending three good weeks with my family and friends. It’s only my second day back at school and already have two assignments, two case studies and a write-up due. I have to prepare for my session with my career coach tomorrow, and catch up on my internship search which I had planned to be done with during the break (of course things don’t go as planned, almost never when you are on a break). And I need to work on the projects for my assistantship as they are due before the end of the next week. I also know that this is just the trailer of what is to come this semester. One of the key takeaways from the first semester was that you rarely need the brake pedal in an MBA program. You hit the ground running and you almost never slow down. After all, there is a certain minimum speed limit applied on this freeway. I just don’t know what the limit is and I am not going to take the risk and try figuring it out.  At the moment I am just focusing on adjusting back to “life in the fast lane, everything all the time” !!