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Last week, my brain ran out of room. I couldn’t learn anything else and I wished that people would just stop trying to teach me things. I needed some time to forget some useless knowledge before I could put anything new in there. I was suffering from too much information (TMI).

All of the learning started with a marathon session of Marketing High Tech Products and Services. The class ran all day on Saturday and Sunday. Professor Judy Frels is awesome. Definitely take her class if you have a chance. She kept the class going with a good mix of lecture, exercises, and case analysis. This was the first and only “whole weekend” classes that I have taken at Smith and it was not nearly as grueling as I was expecting.

The rest of the week was another story entirely.

From Monday to Thursday I had corporate training to attend. The course was titled “Advanced Project Management – Project Planning, Analysis, and Control”. It was far less fun than the weekend class, and it was also held in all day class sessions. However, it did prove to be an excellent networking opportunity. One of my classmates arranged to have me introduced to the president of our firm’s venture capital division. That contact has already proved helpful in my VCIC preparation.

Admittedly the teacher for our training course had some good stories about having to strip naked when he was caught in a rainstorm after teaching a class for the Navy. He also told us about having his psychology students read “The Happy Hooker” in class as part of an experiment. These and other stories prompted one woman in class to shout “TMI” a number of times throughout the course.

The really rough day of the week was Tuesday. I went to corporate training from 8:00AM – 5:00PM and then followed that up with a class session of Strategic Growth for Emerging Companies from 7:00PM – 9:40PM. Ugh. I was totally burned out after having attended class for four straight days, and I still had two more days of training to go.

Thankfully, Wrestlemania was last weekend. I watched the show with some of my friends at Padonia Station. We drank some beer, and had a really good time watching the show. If there’s one thing I’ve learned in my adult life, it’s that pro wrestling and beer are a good cure for information overload. If you’re celebrating Passover this week, you’ll find that four glasses of wine and some Old Testament vengeance is a suitable substitute.