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Net Impact at Smith is proud to announce its Executive Job Shadowing Program (EJSP), which pairs MBA students with executives at local companies in order to better understand the rigors of top management at socially and environmentally companies.  Last year Net Impact at Smith sent groups of students to Noblis and Community Wealth Ventures.  Given its initial success and the positive feedback received from students and host companies, Net Impact has expanded this program considerably in the 2011-2012 academic year.

Current Offerings:

Inter-American Development Bank – 3/2

How It Works

Students submit a resume and statement of interest to the Smith Net Impact Club for one out of several companies selected by the board.  We forward this information on to the company, and send 2-6 students to visit for 4 hours on a Friday. The goal is to enable these students to shadow top executives in the organization to learn what leadership skills could be cultivated to attain high performance and obtain an insider’s view of an organization’s management and operation.

During these visits, students and executives have the opportunity to discuss a current problem or opportunity facing the organization and brainstorm solutions. This “real-world” context allows students to witness the challenges and hard decisions made by an organization’s leaders and enables executives at the company to see Smith students flex their intellectual muscles to tackle today’s pressing business issues.


Organizations who have participated in this program include consulting firms Community Wealth Ventures and Noblis, CPG companies like Honest Tea and nonprofit organizations including the Grameen Foundation: Bankers without Borders.

Past Offerings

Spring 2012 Opower (2/17) Fall 2011 Marriott (December 2) Noblis (December 9) Community Wealth Ventures (December 9) Spring 2011 Noblis (April 22) Community Wealth Ventures (April 22) Grameen Foundation (May 6)  

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