More Than Money

Coming from the for-profit sector and the architectural design field, designing sustainable spaces and environments has always been an important passion of mine. Throughout the More Than Money workshop series, I’ve been able to further define my current skill-sets and interests in terms of social responsibility, look at ways to create “impactful collaborations” with others in the field of sustainable design and other tangental fields, and to find new partners for future growth of my professional interests and the sustainable design community.
With the first workshop, we each looked at our current interests and talked about “Impactful Careers” in both the for-profit and non-profit space.  Many of us have experience in one space and are looking to transition to the other side.  This can be somewhat uncomfortable but the important piece that we learned, despite the differences in financial operations, both fields have the same type of goals.  Moving into the second workshop, we worked on refining our personal “pitches” and value propositions. This was an incredibly worthwhile venture because it’s an opportunity to really focus on the essence of what you’re passionate about and to communicate to future partners what you have to offer.  The third workshop entailed putting words into action via a networking reception with Smith Alumni and others building impactful careers within their for profit and non-profit organizations.  The exciting part of this was learning about experiences of entrepreneurs within well-established firms and start-ups really building businesses around socially responsible ventures.
Overall, this series has been a rewarding experience on how to strategically navigate the various paths you can take to get to your professional impact space. In the end, this has helped me refocus on being “impactful” and to really strive to be “a difference maker” in a socially responsible way.
– Brandon Burgess, 1st year Net Impact Member