Summer Recap

Hello Net Impact-ers! With Term A quickly approaching, we thought we would catch you up on what we have been up to since May. Your Net Impact Board has been near and far from Brazil to India, DC to Boston and enjoying every minute of it. We have also all been interning locally and abroad incorporating impact and social value into our summer internships.

Blake Carlton, President

Blake is working as a Summer Associate for Agora Partnerships, a social enterprise accelerator with offices in Washington, DC and Nicaragua. Blake is involved in many aspects of Agora’s business ranging from business development and expansion to marketing best practices. Blake performs research on marketing, website overhaul and brand management in order to help guide the re-launches of the organization’s brand and website. He has also been tasked with putting together an overarching marketing tool kit and guide for Agora to use both during and beyond his summer endeavors. Half of Blake’s summer will be spent in Nicaragua, compiling stories of the many entrepreneurs Agora’s accelerator program has helped. The stories will be used as content on the improved website.

Tom Jepsen, Executive VP

Tom has been interning as a Supply Chain Analyst for, a Baltimore-based startup that created the first ever electronic marketplace for the $650 billion U.S. food wholesale market. His job covers a variety of functions, including business development, software quality assurance, marketing, and even managing his own intern! While getting the business off the ground and running is the primary concern right now, mid- and long-term we aim to greatly increase the capability of restaurants to find local farmers and specialty manufacturers that can meet their needs and provide better and/or cheaper alternatives to traditional food distributors. In summary, Foodem aims to completely disrupt the status quo of this industry, provide price transparency where it never existed before, and upend the supply chain by empowering businesses to choose local, sustainable options.

Mattie Ressler, VP of External Relations

Mattie is interning on campus this summer as a Graduate Research Associate with the Center for Public Policy and Private Enterprise (CPPPE) at Maryland’s School of Public Policy. CPPPE performs research on federal acquisitions and the role of incentives in government contracting. Currently, Mattie is researching best practices in e-procurement within government and commercial sectors. Her research is designed to help inform a technology roadmap for the General Services Administration.

Luis F. Espinosa, VP of Finance

Financial Infrastructure comprises all the information, technologies, rules and standards that enable financial intermediation. Better financial infrastructure enables more efficient intermediation, which in turn allows more people to gain access to credit, insurance and other financial products at competitive terms. Credit reporting systems are a vital part of a country’s financial infrastructure since they provide lenders with valuable information for risk evaluation, thus contributing to the overall efficiency of the financial system.

Luis is working as a Credit Reporting Analyst at The World Bank’s Division of Financial Infrastructure, which seeks to promote and disseminate the policy and research debate on topics related to the development of financial infrastructure in emerging countries. He is involved designing and conducting a global survey that will provide the information required for evaluating credit reporting systems around the world and formulating recommendations on the implementation of the General Principles on Credit Reporting published by The World Bank in 2011. Luis is also working on a study on credit reporting oversight, as well as on the organization of two international conferences on topics related to financial infrastructure that will take place this year.

Amanda Mendoza, VP of Marketing

Amanda chose to become an Education Pioneers Summer Fellow because she believes we need to approach education reform with more innovation and collaboration which includes dialogue between entrepreneurs, policy makers, business leaders, school leaders, and non-profits. She is passionately driven to leverage the resources of both the public and private sectors in order to provide all students with the educational resources and opportunities they need to be college and career ready.

Through Education Pioneers Amanda was placed at Achieve, a Washington, D.C. based nonprofit dedicated to working with states to advance the college-and-career readiness agenda by improving the rigor and clarity of standard-setting and testing. As a member of the Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Career (PARCC) team, she assesses risk and is creating an action plan for each state in the consortium that was awarded a Race to the Top assessment competition grant as they prepare to administer their assessment for the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) in the 2014-2015 school year. She is also contributing to the stand-up of PARCC Nonprofit from vendor selection to procurements, which will manage the growing needs of PARCC moving forward.