Trip Conclusion

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Posing with Dr. Wellman

On conclusion of the trip, the students reflected on their experience by submitting a logbook that illustrated their reactions to the places they visited.  In addition, they also submitted a response paper that asked them to utilize their experiences and additional readings to answer questions regarding competitive advantages, SWOT analyses, Porter’s Five Forces, economic and internal challenges, and future strategic initiatives for specific companies and the UAE economy.

In summary, the students who participated in the global immersion experience took part in on-campus lectures which included orientation and pre-departure meetings that provided introductory background material on the history, culture, and business environment of the UAE.  They also researched Emirates Airlines and presented their critical analyses to representatives from the company.  After the eleven-day trip, the students returned to the US and completed two course assignments.  The first assignment was a logbook which encouraged the students to reflect and analyze the various  business and cultural visits.  The second assignment was a response paper that required the students to apply the knowledge they attained from the readings.  This trip was a chance of a lifetime and truly a collection of experiences that will be a positive influence on the student’s business curriculum and future careers.