Welcome to the Open Smith Project Blog

Hello and welcome! 

If you are reading this blog, thank you for your genuine interest in learning more about the Open Smith Project campaign taking place here at Smith. 

Our journey to the Open Smith Project started many years ago, with the idea that we could be more effective in our decision-making, recruiting, and day-to-day operations if we could leverage big data in more useful ways. In 2012, Smith made their first step toward realizing this goal and purchased their first instance of Salesforce, a customer relationship platform (CRM).

Since then, our data initiatives and use of Salesforce have spiraled into a high priority Strategic Initiative for the Smith School sponsored by the Office of the Dean.

In a nut shell, the Open Smith Project is a campaign targeted at transforming the way we do business by enhancing our ability to access and use data more effectively. Most of our initiative targets enterprise-wide systems that provide important functionality and data that allows you all to do your jobs easily and efficiently. The largest platform the project will use to collect, store and update data will be Salesforce, but additional platforms will be required to meet the various data needs across the school.

In short, that is why we aren’t calling this the “Salesforce Project” 🙂 

I’ll let that sit with you for now, and hope you’ll check back for more blog posts and information! 

Until then, welcome to the launch of the Open Smith Project. I look forward to championing the effort with you! 

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