2018: What Lies Ahead

In between family time and holiday celebrations, I spent a lot of my holiday break reflecting on the following topics close to my heart:

  1. How I could be a better Salesforce Admin to the Smith Salesforce Community
  2. Ways to engage more students to equip them with Salesforce skills for increased employment opportunities
  3. How we could and should measure our success

I’ll likely dedicate future blog posts to each topic, as I have too many thoughts to risk this blog morphing into one long ramble. I’m a bit sentimental writing this however, as January marks my one year anniversary of switching my career path from an Executive MBA recruiter (6+ years) to making my mark as a woman in technology (I have a long way to go of course until I can really claim that title 😉 ) So, to gear up for my second year, I’ve certainly spent lots of time thinking over this holiday break (in long car rides, planes, spacing out at family dinners — just kidding, Mom!) 

For now, I will leave you with some exciting projects soon to be unveiled in 2018 as we kick ourselves back into gear after what I hope was some quality family time for each of you!

This Spring, we’ll be… 

  1. rolling out SmithForce, your Salesforce geek squad to increase your opportunity to access customized desk-side service and support, on-demand, for your Salesforce needs
  2. implementing Salesforce Marketing Cloud as our enterprise marketing automation tool
  3. building a Salesforce Community portal for incoming Full-Time MBA students for a Fall 2018 launch
  4. wrapping up our Advance to Salesforce data feed by Spring Break, eek! 
  5. dedicating more training and resources to achieving higher rates of operational efficiency with our partner apps like Cirrus Insight and TaskRay 

…. busy. We’ll be really busy 🙂 

Looking forward to tackling another ambitious year as your Salesforce Admin!



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