Smith Launches New Alumni Record Type

That sounds awesome! ….. what’s a record type? 

In Salesforce, we’re able to offer you custom views of data by rendering a page layout that meets your custom data needs! For example, if you were trying to create a new opportunity and had to pick a value from a drop-down menu as the Stage… wouldn’t it be easier to only see the stage values that aligned with your business process, and not the 20+ that other departments might be using?? With record types, we can offer up the same fields to all users, but customize what picklist values you see for a smoother experience. 

We can do lots more too! Like, add completely NEW fields that really are only relevant to a specific type of record (hence the name, record types).

Let’s take a peek at what I’m rambling on about…  here is what you need to know:

1. There is a new section called “University Relations” which means that these data points were pulled from Advance (alumni database). They are locked fields, meaning you cannot edit them! You can still edit employment info on the contact record like normal, so don’t worry. 

2. There is a new section called Degree Program Information where you can find out more details on a graduates most recent degree on the contact record. If that graduate is a double (or dare I say… triple?!) Terp you can find more educational history information in the Education Histories object. This section will be helpful when you’re pulling lists, determining filters and building queries. These fields are also locked.

3. There are some other things you need to know, that I don’t have cool screenshots for, so here is a cute picture of Astro instead. He’s telling you to pay attention to point #3!

Point A: You may notice that some alumni records are missing information in the University Relations section. It simply means that they don’t have updated info on that alumni either, and if you have any– populate it & share! 

Point B: You may notice that some alumni records have really odd company names.. like “Grad Year 2010’s” —> that is weird! Don’t fret, it’s all part of our intentional effort to break-up data (i.e. group records that don’t have any company assigned to them by the decade they graduated) to help you awesome data cleaners divide and conquer! If you know the correct info — populate it & share! 

Point C: A new email field has been added to our already lengthy list of emails (why do people have so many emails!! #soannoying)! This new one is called “Advanced Preferred” and it is also a locked field sourced from Advance.  Smith staff should only communicate with students using the “Email” field, which is a roll-up based on what you/they have indicated is their preferred email. DAR should use the Advance Preferred email field only for their communication. Why? Well, if they differ– we have to honor how the alumnus has chosen to receive communication from Smith vs. University Relations. 

Point D: It’s a work in progress! We’ll need your help cleaning up data, and de-duping records as a result of this massive mega master import of alumni (did you like my use of alliteration?) We’ll be tracking your changes to records and will make sure UR gets that data to update those records in Advance.

4. And finally, who is the wizard that populated all of this amazing data? I’ll give you some hints… he is Astro’s favorite Admin, his name starts with Michael, and ends with Mazzotta. Thanks, Michael! 

Congratulations, grasshopper! You’ve made it to the end of this VERY important and VERY exciting update!! 

Now go enjoy some cool alumni data! 

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