Spring ’18 Release Highlights

Did you wake up excited to discover a new look to your contact record layouts like me?!

Maybe yes, maybe no. Not everyone loves change, and this one will take some getting used to… even for me! 

Below I’ve listed out some of the UI changes highlighted in the Spring ’18 release notes (you can read them too online here):


  • Get Record Detail Information at a Glance: Salesforce improved the layout of the Record Detail component, increasing its readability while also increasing the density of the information it displays. You can see Astro’s record below that the layout of the field labels and associated values looks different and is more condensed than before. Since a big complaint used to be about too much white/wasted space– this sure does solve that problem! 


  • New Contact & Account Hierarchy Button

Have you noticed this new little icon at the top of your records for contacts and companies? This is a great new feature designed to expose the hierarchy of records at the click of a button! 

Look at this example of our Amazon company record. Once we click on the new hierarchy icon, you’ll notice in the second screenshot the list of company records that falls underneath of our corporate/HQ Amazon record.


  • Add Campaign Members faster! Remember, campaign members are either Leads or Contacts (you cannot add Accounts as campaign members). Once you’re on the “Related” tab of your campaign, scroll down to find the “Campaign Members” object.  Simply select “Add Leads” or “Add Contacts” and a search window will pop up.  For the first time, you don’t have to leave the Campaign to add new members.



  • You can subscribe to Dashboards (Lightning) and customize your own subscription schedule. For example, you can set a dashboard to hit your email inbox at 9 AM every Monday! … but you should note the following:
    • Each person can only subscribe to up to 5 dashboards
    • You can subscribe to filtered dashboards, but the filter itself won’t translate to the dashboard hitting your inbox (you can only use dashboard filters within Dashboards)
    • Emailed dashboards may display as a one-column layout, despite what your actual Dashboard layout looks like within Salesforce
  • You can share Dashboard components in chatter AND download them! Hooray!! I have been waiting for this update for a long time! 
    • Go to your dashboard
    • Click on the arrows icon in the top right corner of your individual dashboard component to expand the dialogue box that allows you to edit
    • In the top right corner of that screen, you’ll notice 2 new icons — one for download and one of the chatter icon


  • You can customize your navigation bar… I think. You have a new TAB that appears along the top of your screen that shows you your most recent activity to allow you to jump back into “it”…. “it” for me appears to be my chatter groups. You can see a screenshot of a new tab that appears in my view, which is customized to my personal activity since I was just jumping around my different chatter groups. I was surprised to see that I have the option to add Groups to my navigation bar.

FULL DISCLOSURE: I’m still reading into this update to undersatnd it’s functionality better, and will update this section as soon as I can get a better handle on the change. Since you may have noticed it by now too, I wanted to at least acknowledge it 🙂 

These are just a few of my FAVORITE updates to your Salesforce user interface that I hope will make your experience even more fun! There are so many more updates…. 400+ pages worth of documentation I have had a blast diving into for you today. When there is a new release, you should remember these key things:

  1. Some release updates are automatic — meaning, they push these updates into our Salesforce environment and we don’t have to take any action except to train ourselves on how to use them! 
  2. Some release updates are still in beta version 
  3. Some release updates are warnings for what’s to come for the future (a number I have read about don’t go live until October ’18 but you have to start preparing now) 
  4. Some release updates are available now, but you have to choose to enable them 

Point #4 is important because there are many more updates we’d like to roll-out from what I think is one of the most exciting releases since I’ve been your Salesforce Admin! 

Keep your eye for more exciting updates and changes to your environment, but I’ll be here to help you through each one! 

Hopelessly Enthusiastic,

Your Salesforce Admin


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