Cirrus Insight Strikes Again: Second Best Update Ever

What was the first best update? Probably the book a meeting function where our users can offer availability from their Smoogle calendar’s (Smoogle = Smith’s Google Gmail Suite) and drop those into a beautifully curated email and you can forgo the back-and-forth that typically happens when trying to schedule a meeting.

Are you dying to hear about the second best update ever? When I first learned about it, I spent the day jumping up and down in my seat with excitement — wait, that’s still happening right now. I literally JUST learned about it and couldn’t wait to share the news with my Salesforce superstars. I’m still jumping and down with excitement.

But first, let me prep this update with some fun facts from your Salesforce Admin:

  • One of my biggest requests from Cirrus Insight users is “can’t I mass email using the cool CI templates I made?” ….. no
  • We purchased Marketing Cloud as our enterprise-wide marketing automation solution to accommodate high-volume mass emails, as well as sophisticated marketing drip campaigns you’d like to use to nurture your contacts
  • Some of you don’t need the level of sophistication Marketing Cloud offers, sometimes you just want to send a one-time mass email! 
  • … and sometimes, your contacts won’t exist in Salesforce, which will make it difficult to use Marketing Cloud

Why am I knocking on Marketing Cloud? I don’t mean to be! It’s going to transform the way we nurture our contacts to increase their engagements with Smith in so many awesome ways! BUT… I do know that not all of you are looking for that. Sometimes a super easy, basic solution can do just the trick!

I’m excited to announce that Cirrus Insight is now offering that solution, and you have access to it TODAY! 

In a nutshell, here are the details of this exciting new feature… 

Did you notice a new button called “Campaign” in your Smoogle account?

It’s hard not notice a new shiny blue button under Compose, but in case you haven’t.. here is a photo!

Go ahead and click on it, I’ll show you what happens… 


You’ll jump to this exciting screen where you’ll need to identify the list of folks you’d like to email. You have many options available to you on choosing the easiest way to add these contacts (or leads) to your email:










Build a Report: this option allows you to select a pre-built report that you’ve already made in Salesforce 

Build From a List View: this option allows you to select contacts that live on an existing ListView that you’ve created within your Salesforce environment 

CSV Upload: This option is for your contacts that don’t have Salesforce records that you’d like to send a mass email too (you’ll need to follow instructions on what your CSVC template needs to look like) 

Manual Entry: maybe you just have a handful of folks and you’re cool with adding them manually, you can do that too! 


After you confirm your list of names and emails, you’ll be able to select which template you’d to use.

Templates in Cirrus Insight (are the same as Salesforce templates — they exist across both environments) can be built on the spot or you can select from an existing template.

Templates can be pretty or basic, with the option to use HTML and add some cool headers, images, etc if you’d like! 

My favorite part about templates is the ability to mail merge them… so even though it’s a mass email you can personalize that message using the person’s preferred name and any other fields we capture on their contact records.

Is there a limit to how many contacts I can email? Yes, there is. The same limit that is set by gmail which is 500 emails/campaign, 2,000 emails/day. 

I don’t expect anyone to figure this all out on their own so training will be rolled out to users looking to take advantage of this feature ASAP (like.. next week!)

So don’t worry, I’ll never leave you hanging to learn something on your own, but you’re welcome to play around with the tool. Just be careful not to accidentally email a group while testing 🙂 

I hope you’re as excited as I am!!!


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