The HEDA Trailmix Cup

… is a big deal. 

Why? Because there is a brew-tiful prize at the end of every badge competition until you complete the entire Trailmix, and you’ll become a trailblazing superstar! 


You can access our HEDA Trailmix online and get started on earning your HEDA BASICS badge by Friday, April 27th if you want a chance to win a sweet prize! 

We promise it’s better than a Starbucks gift card (but that might be part of the prize… ) 

It will help you prepare for the HEDA roll-out that is coming your way soon! We want you to know what to expect and what changes you’ll see in our org before we start turning on these super cool new features and objects. 

Put your best bean forward! 

To be eligible for the grand prize, you must complete each badge in the Trailmix — but don’t get depresso! We’ll tackle each badge in the mix one at a time. 

And each time you do, you’ll mocha me so HAPPY


Don’t be left out of the fun! The HEDA Trailmix Cup is fun, rewarding, and designed to make you smart –> at least on Salesforce (we aren’t magicians)! 

Let the games begin!! 

-Your Salesforce Admin


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