Becoming Responsible Data Stewards: Mandatory FERPA Training

Greetings from Germany, Salesforce Users! 

As I write this blog 4,000 miles from the safety and security of my office, I am reminded of the responsibility we have to be smart about how we use, access, and share our Salesforce data. 

FERPA (the Family Educational Rights to Privacy Act) is a law enacted to require that we do just that –> be a responsible data steward. As a Salesforce user, you are required to comply with the guidelines and data usage policies outlined in your Salesforce Agreement, and by federal law under FERPA to protect every student’s right to privacy. 

Most violations of FERPA are unintentional, and the consequences of these violations are grave. We wanted to take an opportunity to re-educate our users on the importance of FERPA by producing new content to help you understand the law and how to align your compliance strategy with the University of Maryland’s process and procedures. 

While many of our staff have received FERPA training at some point throughout their employment, the successful completion of the FERPA Canvas Course is mandatory for all Salesforce users.

You can access the course online here to get started! It shouldn’t take you more than 30 minutes to complete this annual training requirement, so please plan accordingly. We will renew your training credentials annually, so do expect to see a notice again in the future. 

Enjoy your FERPA training while I am gone 🙂

-Your Salesforce Admin


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