We’re Live! Marketing Cloud Journey Builder Launched

Did you also notice that so many of our headlines are just SO EXCITING?! Lot’s of “we’re live!” and “we’ve launched” and just all around happiness. This is a big one though, since launching journey builder isn’t easy and it took a lot of people to make it happen. 

So what did happen, exactly? Really glad you asked, because I’ve been waiting to tell this amazing story.

It all started in the Spring of 2018 when Smith formally launched Marketing Cloud as our enterprise-wide marketing automation solution.  It took until December to activate our first marketing drip campaign in Journey Builder. Here is what happened in those 6 months:

  1. We identified the Part-Time MBA program as the first marketing drip campaign to on-board, starting from scratch
  2. Our amazing Marketing team held focus groups and conducted market research to really understand what factors a Part-Time MBA student considers when choosing the program/school that’s right for them
  3. The team then used that insightful data to build out a carefully curated set of email content that would provide 18 weeks of us in a prospective students inbox
  4. Meanwhile, another group was learning how to use Journey Builder and plop all of that juicy content into the platform
  5. We made sure to consider unique attributes about our prospective students and monitor their application behavior so that the journey could react accordingly and incorporated some A/B testing on subject lines to increase open rates over time
  6. We documented what we learned, what we did, and what we hope to do better for the next program’s journey… 
  7. I sat alone in a Starbucks and hit the activate button on Saturday, December 8th, and the rest is history! 

We can’t wait to monitor the results, which are already overwhelming positive!

Take a peak below at some of our stats for our email focused on Women: (note: we are testing two different subject lines to determine which one leads to higher engagement rates)

So what happens next? 

Now that our Part-Time MBA prospects are getting automatically added to this dynamic and engaging customer sales journey on Marketing Cloud, we can start tackling one of our many other programs! The Executive MBA team is working on to get their weekly email campaign to prospects up and running, and the Marketing team is developing brand new content for the Full-Time MBA journey since the research showed us that the sales pitch for this demographic is totally different! 

Thanks to our users for your patience as I dropped the ball on other projects to bring this to life. 

Kudos to Rebecca Winner & her entire team for their dedication to learning a new marketing automation tool while simultaneously listening to customers and taking so much care and attention into translating their feedback into this amazing and engaging journey. 

Do you want to see the journey? Well we sure would love to have you join! We’ve created a special journey for staff and faculty to join. Just shoot your Admin (me) a note to receive weekly emails and see how amazing it is for yourself! 

Until the next big exciting launch,

Your Admin

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