Apr 302014


One of the main reasons why I chose to come to Smith is because of the diverse and eclectic community that I saw here. What made the diversity at Smith so distinct is the fact that it isn’t just racial and ethnic diversity that is apparent, but diversity of all kinds: professional experience, regional, age, race and nationality among others. Last week, I was reminded of just how vibrant and diverse a community we have here when I attended the 21st Annual Bradford Banquet.

The Bradford Banquet is held every spring to honor the achievements of minority communities at Smith and to embrace the diverse culture that we have here. The event was especially unique because it marked one of the rare times where students, alumni, faculty, administration, and employers all come together at the same time. This mix of attendees gave a really great snapshot of just how far-reaching and diverse our community really is, and I was really grateful to have the opportunity have that perspective.

Perhaps the most impressive aspect of the Bradford Banquet though is that it is a completely student-run event. The event is put together by Smith’s Black MBA Association and Latin American MBA Student Association, and I can’t stress enough how impressive my classmates’ in these organizations efforts were to put together such an excellent event. All in all, it was a great experience and a perfect end-of-year reminder about what made Smith such an appealing destination in the first place.

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