Apr 032014

When I was deciding where to go to business school, one of the most appealing aspects of Smith was the opportunity to have so many out-of-classroom learning experiences. In particular, the Smith Experience offerings stood out as a really unique chance to get hands-on work experience during my time in school. Over the past few months I’ve been lucky enough to take part in one of those Smith Experience programs through the Social Venture Consulting Practicum.

Throughout this semester, I’ve had the opportunity to work with a team of my classmates on a consulting project with a real client. For our project, we have been working with Nexight Group, a local consulting firm specializing in technical and management consulting in the fields of energy, engineering and infrastructure, to perform market research and develop an enhanced marketing strategy for the firm’s new client outreach.

Not only has it been a great experience to work with a firm that is so committed to creating a positive social value with their work, but also the opportunity to gain a comprehensive firsthand understanding of the inner workings and structure of a consulting engagement have been invaluable. Especially for a career transitioner like myself who is trying to enter the consulting industry, I cannot think of any experience that would better prepare me for a career in this field. This has been an experience that would have been very difficult to find anywhere else and I’m lucky to be at a place with such great opportunities right at your fingertips.

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